thank you for attending the NAVEP2 congress New deadlines registration and abstract submission : july 30th 2014

NAVEP 2014 Logo

The logo for the NAVEP2 meeting was designed by Carol Abraczinskas, principal scientific illustrator at the University of Chicago Fossil Lab and Nizar Ibrahim, vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Chicago.  It shows the silhouette of the large North African dinosaur Spinosaurus aegyptiacus STROMER (modified from a drawing by Italian artist Davide Bonadonna). The archway captures elements of Moroccan traditional architecture.
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Welcome to Ouarzazate


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the NAVEP2 Meeting. The meeting will take place from September 1st to September 8th in Ouarzazate, in southeastern Morocco.

This is the second NAVEP meeting in Morocco. The first was held in Marrakech in 2009. This event was a great success for all participants and included many important contributions from many different areas. The main aim of the NAVEP meeting is to bring researchers working on North African Vertebrate paleontology together so they can share their research work and start new collaborations.

Ouarzazate is an attractive city and a great location for this international meeting. The cityis known as the gateway to the desert, and is a major tourist destination due to its location south of the Atlas Mountains. Ouarzazate is also the departure point for the post conference field trip through the Draa Valley and the desert.

Morocco has a long research tradition in palaeontology and is well known for the wide range of fossil vertebrates that have been found across the country. As part of the NAVEP2 meeting, we are offering you the opportunity to visit the famous Cretaceous localities of the Kem Kem region and the Devonian localities of the eastern Anti-Atlas.We will do everything we can to make your stay enjoyable and we hope that the conference, the field trip, as well as the beauty of Ouarzazate and its surrounding desert will make your stay a memorable experience. Welcome to the city where the Atlas Mountains meet the Desert!

NAVEP 2 Meeting Host Committee